Monday, April 3, 2017

Defeating Trump

Open opposition is futile in dealing with Trump’s administration, and so, too, any rational criticism.  Day in and day out since his inauguration, we have been hearing pundits argue on every detail of his continuous executive orders.  But their talks are pointless — academic and ineffectual — because his mind is insistently contradictory and his actions lack consistency.  Any direct criticism does little to convince his hardcore voters of the man’s demagoguery; it only antagonizes them — blue collar workers, youthful voters, wealthy capitalists, and all,\ against the critics and the saner defenders of democracy.  By the same token, open demonstrations achieve little; he does not take them seriously.  The only workable path to bring him down is to mobilize the wishy washy Republicans to hold back their endorsements of the current administration.  Toward this end, the press needs to pay more attention to the plight of Trump’s supporters and report it with understanding, instead of shining light on him as it did so excessively through his campaign and administration so far. Optimistically, weakening of Trump’s base is slowly happening.

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