Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fresh Water Please

Hey, can't you tell why I'm drinking from the faucet?  The water in the drinking fountain is stale.

Do I turn the faucet?  Don't make me laugh!  I know how it works, of course, but I don't dare hurt my paw tryin' anything like that.  When Mom goes to the basin, I rush up before her and block the faucet and, no fool she is, she understands. Mmm. fresh water tastes good.  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Vif at 2 years and 9 months


Eh, what!  Hey you. What you lookin’ at my face like that for?  What’s so funny, eh?  You think it’s crooked or somethin’?  All right, I’ll show you.  Right. The white around my mouth is warped.  Yeah, before coming out of mommy’s tummy, I shook my head fast and hard, and this is what happened.  It’s totally unique, you see, and I’m proud of it.  Say something funny about it, watch it.  I’ll scratch your nose.