Monday, October 3, 2016

謝罪、寛容、反省 - Forgive, Tolerate, Reflect


If a person admits an error and apologizes head lowered, forgiving is  compassion; it reveals humanity.  Refusing to forgive is arrogance.  To forgive another who disregards or denies her/his error requires tolerance. To deny one’s own error knowingly is cowardice; to be oblivious of it is ignorance.  Refusing to forgive an error the culprit denies is being self-indulgent.  Reflecting on one’s own actions sets road signs along our way ahead. One who cannot reflect therefore suffers anxiety and is unhappy. 

Writing this translation it occurred to me that there is no word in English corresponding to the Japanese hansei; more accurately, it signifies not merely reflecting but reviewing and re-evaluating one’s past conduct reflectively.