Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blacks are brown, and so are Whites

Brown is not white, and brown is not black either.  If you look around and try to see the world with your eyes, you find that most people are brown. 

Most so-called blacks are more brown than black, and many so-called whites are lightly brown --tan, beige, milk tea -- as are many Southern Europeans. Latinos, to the Asian eye, are caucasian and, so, they are white even when they are brown.  Some blacks are Negroid in features but many African-Americans have caucasoid features as do Indians from India.  If you honor what you see with your eyes, unhampered by the categorical words, conventionally taken as descriptive, the world’s population falls largely in the brown ranging from light to dark. 

The racial conflict expressed as one between black and white is, then, a delusion resting on the long held misnomers and perpetuated by the Census Bureau which still insists on the categories black and white.

See also my Webbsie essay: Non-White. 

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