Friday, January 3, 2014

Vif the Nipper

The advice given by the feline behavior consultant concerning a cat that scratches, nips, and bites, is to become a statue.  That is to say, trying to brush away the cat in any manner only gives a wrong signal that you are eager to play and it gets more excited and violent.  Stay still — like a statue is the counsel. Vif nips my feet, ankles, legs, arms, and, sometimes, up to the shoulders, at times in fits of jealousy as when I am talking with a friend on the phone or the skype, but by and large without any warning.  He suddenly jumps on me.  Becoming a statue works fine under cover like heavy clothing or in the bed with layers of blankets over you.  But  it is still a problem with bare feet and arms. A frozen foot is apparently boring and he leaves it — eventually.  But before he leaves he tries his hardest to make me react as if to try my patience; he grabs my foot or wrist in both paws and bites, generally playfully but without much control, and makes painful, not often bleeding, scratches and bite marks before he decides to abandon it.  

Maybe in three months, when he reaches a year, he may finally learn the discipline. 

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